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Swimming pools have evolved a lot over time. There was a time when swimming pools were a luxury that only the rich and famous could afford. Now, they are everywhere — including residential properties, commercial buildings, hotels, and restaurants. People want their pools to be aesthetically pleasing with unique elements they can show off. When it comes to modern pool design, there are three elements to consider: fire and water combinations, pool automation and controls, and lounging ledges inside pools. Here are some other top swimming pool design trends: 

Tanning Shelves

The shallow water areas provided in tanning shelves are ideal for swimmers to cool off on a hot day. Tanning shelves are also known as sun shelves and Baja shelves, and they don’t require the bather to fully immerse their body in the pool. People can even splash and play on these shelves, making them a perfect choice for those who don’t like deep water. 

Fire and Water Combinations

Fire and water combinations bring that dramatic effect to pools, making them a preferred choice for swimming pool design. With these combinations, pool owners can run the two features simultaneously or independently. Fireplaces, fire pits, and fire bowls play an important role in modern poolscapes since they add ambiance and warmth.

Themed Pools

These days, pool owners have endless options for shapes, colors, and features, making it easier for them to create themed pools. It can be a tropical getaway with caves, waterfalls, and grottos, or a slick single-depth rectangular lap pool that has water walls. The possibilities are endless. 

Pool System Automation

Swimming pool technologies have progressed to full automation, where pool owners can turn on (or off) their pool’s features remotely. All they need is a smart device with network connectivity. Emerging technologies like the Internet of Things (IoT) even allow owners to ask their virtual assistants to perform certain tasks. These often include turning on the spa jets or dimming the pool lights.

Darker Pool Finishes

There is no doubt that people love white and aquamarine pools, but as the swimming pools continue to upgrade, the pool industry is now embracing dark-colored pools as well. Darker pool finishes bring a style quotient to the pool, making it resemble a lagoon or the ocean.

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