pool installation

An entire family can enjoy a pool, sitting poolside soaking up rays, floating with a cold drink, or diving in to cool off. It’s a great way to bring everyone together. However, several factors must be considered before installing a pool.

Zoning Laws

Prior to beginning construction, a potential pool owner needs to understand the zoning laws regarding pools. Before even scheduling a consultation with a contractor or starting the work, understanding the zoning requirements is necessary, as many municipalities have strict regulations about maintaining pools and the liability laws that come with them.

Type of Pool

The type of pool is the next consideration. There are three basic types of in-ground pools: concrete, vinyl-lined, and fiberglass. Homeowners can also opt for an above-ground pool, which can be a blow-up type or steel frame. Typically, the homeowner will assemble one of these on-site. There’s also a more permanent type of above-ground pool with a metal and resin frame that will come as one piece to be permanently installed. Each type of pool has a variety of pros and cons, so homeowners need to research and make sure they select the right one for them.


The quicker install times of the blow-up and steel frame above-ground pools or the vinyl-lined and fiberglass in-ground pools can be a temptation, as homeowners can get them up and running quickly so they can enjoy their pool as soon as possible. However, if homeowners want a durable pool that can be customized to their needs, a concrete pool may be worth the extra cost and installation time. They should also consider adding the pool to their homeowners insurance policy to cover any damage or liability.


Arguably, the biggest consideration about getting a pool is the maintenance. Deciding on the type of circulation and sanitizing system required is an important consideration. Many circulation systems use chlorine or saltwater to purify the water. Homeowners should also decide how much maintenance they can handle. As much fun and as enjoyable as pools are, a lot of work is involved in keeping them running smoothly.

Water Features and Lighting

Homeowners can add many features, like cascading waterfalls and jets as well as surface and underwater lighting to set up the desired atmosphere. Homeowners should ensure they know all the various features they want and include them in the budget.


An oft-forgotten aspect of owning a pool is the landscaping that goes around a pool. Options include a pebble border, wood and laminate decking, or strategically placed trees to provide shade. Proper landscaping can enhance the whole experience.

Budget and Pricing

After considering all that’s mentioned above, the next step is determining the budget. It would be tough to relax if the only thing homeowners think about when trying to enjoy their pool is all the cost that goes into it. Depending on the scope and breadth of their ideas, consulting a financial adviser can make sense. Once they’ve considered and accounted for all factors, the next step is to begin pricing options within their budget.If a pool installation is in the cards, contact the team at Client First Landscape Solutions. Our experts will help design the landscaping to get the desired atmosphere. Give us a call at 469-747-1144 to get started.