pool installation

Of course, when thinking of pools, spring and summer are the prime months. But what is the right time of year to install a pool? While the knee-jerk answer might be early spring, this may not be the case. Fall is the best time to install an in-ground pool. Here are several reasons a potential pool owner should consider a fall pool installation.

Better Ground Conditions

The dry, solid ground in fall is best for installing a new pool. This is because dry soil can better withstand any damage caused by the heavy machinery needed during a pool installation. Instead of being torn up and having huge ruts, the lawn is more likely to be matted down and not ripped apart. A fall pool installation also gives the lawn plenty of time to recover when the spring thaw occurs.

Spaced-Out Installation Timeline

One option is to begin the work in the fall and finish your pool environment in the spring. This alliviates the issue of rushing or being overwhelmed by trying to do everything all at once. Starting in the fall, homeowners can space the work over a more significant timeframe, alleviating some stress.

Additionally, having a portion of the pool installation completed in the fall means there’s simply less work to do during the busy spring season. Any scheduling delays that might occur in the spring can be more easily absorbed. Another benefit of fall pool installation is that the drier fall weather is more conducive for concrete work. Concrete needs dry weather to cure correctly, and the rainy spring makes this more difficult and could cause delays.

Cost Savings

One way pool installation work in the fall saves homeowners money is simply because prices generally rise continuously. Requisite supplies and costs such as fuel, insurance, and raw materials will be more expensive in the next spring versus the current fall. Simply put, starting pool construction in the fall will cost less, saving your pool installation budget some cash. The head start of beginning construction in the fall allows homeowners to capitalize on lower prices and save money. In addition, many contractors may offer discounts during slower times, leading to even greater cost savings.

Summer-Readiness for Warm-Weather Events

With the jump-start provided by a fall pool installation, homeowners can be more assured their new in-ground pool will be ready for summer’s unofficial kickoff: Memorial Day. Holiday cookouts can take place poolside, offering better aesthetics and entertainment for all. With the tight scheduling contractors face in the spring, it can be challenging to complete an entire pool project if started in March or April. By beginning the installation process in the fall, homeowners can be much more confident that their pool project will be fully completed for the warmer weather required to enjoy the pool. When it’s time to add a pool, homeowners trust the experts at Client First Landscape Solutions to design the environment surrounding the pool with an inviting feel. Contact the team to get started today at (469) 747-1144.