Year-Round Dallas Landscape Maintenance

Landscape Maintenance

Your landscape needs constant attention in order to stay beautiful and healthy.

From pruning and pesticide application to planting seasonal color, our team will make sure your landscape is always looking its best. We also provide plant care and pruning services to make sure your individual plants are healthy and contribute to the overall beauty of your landscape.


Mulch is a very important aspect of your landscaping. It has many purposes, but here are our top fou:

1. Mulch insulates soil from heat and cold temperatures, helping to keep your plants healthy no matter what time of year it is.

2. Mulch retains water in the soil, keeping roots moist—and preventing them from drying out when it’s hot out or when there aren’t enough rain clouds passing overhead.

3. Mulch keeps weeds out, preventing root competition and helping your plants thrive in their own space!

4. Finally, mulch reduces lawn mower damage by preventing soil compaction—so you can mow all you want without killing your grass!

Seasonal Color Enhancements

Annual flowers can provide landscaped areas with more seasonal variety and colorful accents than most other plants. The key to success with annuals is to plant only the area that can be adequately cared for. Remember, color can have more impact on the landscape than any other design element. However, nothing has a more negative impact than a poorly maintained color area.

The most important factor in selecting annual flowers is their ability to tolerate your climate conditions. Some annuals are better suited to growing in full sun while others prefer partial shade.

In addition to being able to tolerate different amounts of sunlight, there are many different soil types where you may want to grow annuals. You should consider whether you need soil that drains well or one that retains water longer so that your plants don’t dry out too quickly during periods of hot weather or heavy rainstorms.

Annual flower beds can be designed as single-season spaces or as perennial gardens that will last for years without replanting each year (if properly cared for). Annuals are also ideal for adding color and texture accents around shrubs, trees, and other perennials throughout the year when they’re not blooming themselves!

Herbicide & Pesticide

Weed management in landscaped areas is made difficult by the complexity of many plantings. Landscapes can include turfgrass, bedding plants, herbaceous perennials, shrubs, and trees. Usually, more than one species is planted in the landscaped area, and there is often a mix of annual and perennial ornamentals. The great variety of ornamental species, soil types, irrigation systems, slopes, and use of mulches creates the need for a variety of weed management options. Our team handles all of this for you so you don’t have to worry about it.

We are committed to helping our clients achieve their desired aesthetic results while providing them with high-quality service at affordable rates. We take pride in our ability to offer our clients with a wide range of services that meet their individual needs.

Pruning & Plant Care

Pruning is an excellent method of preventative maintenance for both young and established plants. A regular pruning schedule protects your plants, family, and property from injury, pests and damage. It’s an important part of a long-term maintenance strategy. Pruning trees and shrubs encourages healthy fruit and flower production. Regular trimming develops hedge aesthetics and keeps evergreens proportioned and dense. Such maintenance supports your property’s planned layout and appearance by controlling plant size and shape.

At Clients First Landscape Solutions, we can help you maintain your landscape in the most efficient way possible. Our team of professionals will take care of your hedges, trees, shrubs, etc., so that you can enjoy them without having to worry about maintaining them yourself!

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