pool closed for winter season | How To Prepare Your Pool for Winter

Once the swimming season is over, it’s time to prepare the pool for the winter. In cooler climates, it’s important to prepare pools for winter to protect them from damage when the temperature drops. In warm climates, such as Florida or Arizona, pools usually aren’t exposed to below-freezing temperatures, so it’s not as important to winterize them as it is in colder climates. For areas that do get freezing temperatures, once the temperature falls consistently below 65 degrees, it’s time to consider preparing the pool for winter.

To help winterize the pool, Clients First Landscape Solutions created this short guide on how to prepare a pool for winter.

Shock the Pool Two to Three Days Before Closing

Shock the pool a few days before closing it for the winter. Test the chemistry with a test strip or kit; make sure the pH is between 7.2 and 7.6 and ensure the chlorine levels are less than five parts per million. Then add algaecide to prevent the growth of algae. Add one dose of algaecide if you have a thick pool cover, but if you have a porous cover, add two doses of algaecide. Cycle pool antifreeze through the pipes for in-ground pools to prevent them from freezing.

Clean and Vacuum the Pool

Thoroughly clean the pool one last time. Skim out any leaves from the water and brush the walls, scrubbing thoroughly to loosen up any remaining debris or algae spores. Then vacuum the pool. Making sure the pool is spotless now makes opening it easier in the spring. If a pool isn’t clean when it’s closed, it can be difficult to get it clean when it’s reopened the following season.

Backwash the Filter

Clean the filter element by backwashing the pool. Run the pool on its backwash setting for about three to five minutes, until the water in the sight glass is clear. After backwashing the filter, run the system on rinse for about 30 seconds to reset the filter element.

Remove Hoses and Accessories

For above-ground pools, water in the lines can freeze and damage the pool system. Remove the hoses connecting the pool to the filter and any pool accessories, such as the ladder. Allow the pool to drain to the lowest intake hole.

Prepare the Filter

Remove plugs from the filter so all water drains out. Remove the sight glass and pressure gauge. For convenience, store these parts inside the strainer basket in the pump. If you choose, loosely cover the pump with a tarp to prevent water from getting into the system and freezing.

Cover the Pool

Remove all pool accessories and the ladder, and put the cover over the pool. Ensure the cover won’t blow off and secure it in place for the winter.Following these steps can help prepare a pool for winter, make the spring opening as easy as possible, and allow your pool environment to be a wonderful summer oasis for your family. If you have any questions about getting your pool ready for the winter, contact Clients First Landscape Solutions and we’ll be happy to help you out.