dallas tx landscaping

With spring in the air, homeowners look forward to fresh landscaping in their Dallas, Texas, yards. Savvy shoppers know how to pick the best plants a nursery in Dallas carries. Picking quality plants helps keep the landscaping investment healthy and luxurious. Homeowners and avid gardeners can learn how to find the best plants at a nursery with the following tips.

Choose a Quality Nursery

Not all nurseries are alike, and some may skimp on carrying high-quality, healthy plants. 

Before purchasing plants, read customer reviews, walk around the garden section, and get a feel for the types and health of plants the nursery sells. If the plants don’t look healthy, choose another location. In addition, look for a nursery that carries seasonal plants ideally suited for the Dallas area.

Look at the Foliage and Flowers

While buying plants with full flowers is tempting, purchasing plants with buds will help ensure a longer bloom time. When a plant already has flowers, it may struggle to thrive after transplanting. A healthy plant will have green, shiny leaves. Avoid picking up plants that have yellow, wilted foliage or that appear sickly. Plants in poor condition won’t thrive and will need replacing before the end of the season. 

If a homeowner is sprucing up a house’s exterior to increase a home’s value, the home should have healthy, vibrant plants in its yard.

Check for Insects

Avoid infecting the rest of the garden with undesirable insects by ensuring that purchased plants at a Dallas nursery are free of pests. Check under leaves, along the stem, and in the plants’ soil for signs of insects on plants.

Inspect plants for webbing in the foliage, scales on plant stems, and holes in the plants’ leaves. Did you know that spider mites leave webbing and can suck the life out of the plant? Aphids and whiteflies leave a sticky residue on the plants; an infestation of these insects can cause a plant to become sickly. Keep an eye out for powdery mildew and leaf spot that can also cause damage to the plants.

Inspect the Root System

A healthy root system is essential for any plant to flourish in Dallas gardens. Pick up the plant’s container and determine whether you can spot lots of plant roots coming out of the container. If the container has cracks, the plant is likely root-bound and desperately needs planting with more soil. If roots are coming out of the pot, they should look white and healthy. A stressed plant will have yellow or spindly roots and may never recover enough to become robust.

Picking the best plants at a local Dallas nursery is easy using the information listed above. Use a professional landscaping company to get the most out of any landscaping project. These professional landscapers will design a yard based on the homeowner’s terrain, climate, and needs. In addition, a landscaping company can install irrigation and plant all the flowers, shrubs, trees, and other plant materials to enhance a home’s outdoor beauty.