Many homebuyers consider more than the interior of a house when shopping the market. The exterior appearance can also influence the decision to purchase. With these simple landscaping tips for increasing resale value, homeowners can add appeal and attract more buyers.

Landscaping Tips

Invest in a Green Lawn

landscaping tips

One of the first things homebuyers often notice on a potential purchase is the lawn. A healthy, green lawn can be a deciding factor for buyers coming to view a house on the market because overgrown grass, weeds, and dead areas may indicate neglect. Lawn care doesn’t need to be expensive, though. Typically, lawn maintenance like mowing, irrigating, and fertilizing is enough for homeowners to keep their lawns looking fresh. Additionally, many landscaping companies work with homeowners on a budget and provide services to maintain lawn health.

Plant Native and Naturalized

Adding greenery to a home boosts the aesthetics and value, but introducing plants that aren’t well-suited to the local gardening zone can be more of a hassle than a benefit. Native flowers and plants can complement a backdrop of bushes or small trees, add color, and make the exterior more attractive. Foliage that’s naturalized to the local climate is also easier to maintain, ensuring the landscaping keeps its appeal when it’s time to sell. Landscaping selections like these also tend to appeal to buyers more often because the right plants can mean less effort to maintain well after their purchase.

Put Down a Fresh Layer of Mulch or Add Gravel

Mulch is an inexpensive and cost-effective way to maintain a landscape. Many mulch types are designed for different garden types, giving homeowners plenty of options for freshening up the exterior of their homes. A clean, manicured appearance may boost home values while keeping landscaped areas looking their best. Gravel is another option sellers often use to accent pathways and add appeal to low-maintenance garden areas, further boosting home values.

Upgrade the Driveway and Walkways

The driveway is another exterior feature that can affect a home’s value. Broken, chipped, or deteriorated cement or concrete detracts from a home’s appeal, and can be a hazard in some cases. Fixing any cracked or split portions of the driveway can remove unnecessary dangers and increase the value of a home. Similarly, the walkways leading to entry points are also important to maintain. Upgrades to older driveways and sidewalks are common options. Professional pressure washing and detailing are also available for areas that just need a deep cleaning.

Add Outdoor Accents

Exterior accents can also add value and appeal to homes on the market. Updating light fixtures for the entryway and other outside areas make these spots more accessible, which can attract more buyers. Solar accent lights along walkways or bordering landscaped areas are additional ways sellers can boost the value and appeal of their homes.

Adding value to a home doesn’t have to break the bank. Many sellers take advantage of landscaping options that are simple and easy to maintain, especially with the help of professional landscape services. With affordable options available for any type of property, sellers can add value and save on costs.