dallas swimming pool install

Installing a pool in a yard is a big decision. Before beginning the process of creating a swimming pool environment, it’s important to think about the optimal size pool for the space. Below are five things to consider that will help homeowners choose the right swimming pool size.

Desired Pool Activities

To start thinking about what size swimming pool a homeowner needs, they should first think about what sort of activities they plan to do in the pool. For example, if they want a pool that they can swim laps in for exercise, they’ll want something larger than someone who just wants a small, shallow pool for their children to play in. Homeowners can also think about whether they plan on hosting pool parties, as they’ll likely want a bigger pool if they plan on entertaining and enjoying the sunshine with friends and children.

Available Space

The next thing to think about is how much space is available. Every yard is different and each can hold different-sized pools. A good idea is for homeowners to go into their yards and measure how much space they have available for a pool. They should take into account anything they can’t move, like fences, patios, or even large trees. This will help them figure out the maximum amount of space they have for a pool.

Remaining Space

Of course, just because someone has a large enough space for a pool doesn’t necessarily mean they want the pool to occupy the entire area. For instance, they may want an area around the pool for lounge chairs or enough yard left over to install a patio. Considering pets and how an outdoor space is enjoyed currently. Do they host gatherings and spend time in an outdoor dining area? When thinking about how big of a pool they want, they should consider how much space they’ll have left over and what they may want to do with it in the future.

Installation Costs

A big factor in the right size swimming pool is the installation costs. Larger swimming pools will naturally require more time and effort to install, which raises the installation costs. To determine what pool size to get, homeowners should calculate how much they’re looking to spend on the installation of the pool. They can then get a free estimate of the installation costs for different sizes and see how this aligns with their budget.

Maintenance Time and Costs

Finally, homeowners should consider the time and costs associated with maintaining a pool. The larger the pool they get, the more chemicals they’ll need to treat it, the more water they’ll need to fill it, and the more time they’ll need to spend cleaning it. As with the installation costs, homeowners should calculate how much they’re willing to spend on pool maintenance each month, along with how much time they want to spend. They can then consult with a swimming pool installation service to learn more about the expected costs for different swimming pool sizes.

Free Pool Construction Consultations in Dallas

Homeowners interested in getting a swimming pool in the Dallas area can contact Clients First Landscape Solutions for more information on getting a pool. Clients First Landscape Solutions can help homeowners plan out the perfect backyard area, including a new swimming pool, and provide them with a free estimate of the costs. Homeowners can get started today and have the backyard of their dreams before they know it.