A professional landscape designer plays an integral role in the design and development of landscapes for individual homes and company properties. A landscape designer also creates, presents, and oversees the development of landscapes while providing landscaping designs and maintenance services. Professional landscape designers can serve as a resource for design ideas, construction techniques, and industry connections, steering a project from start to finish. Here are four reasons to hire a professional landscape designer.

Site Analysis and Planning

Every piece of land is unique. At the same time, each piece of land plays a part in a broader ecosystem. A professional landscape designer has both the skills to understand the broad details of a design and the refined talent to deal with unique elements in a single focus area.

A professional landscape designer also has the ability to appropriately plan a project to incorporate wished-for design elements. Anyone can come up with a dream of what an outdoor space could look like. However, not all ideas can be built or sustained. Working with a professional landscape designer ensures that the final developed idea will be both buildable and sustainable thanks to their ability to plan functional and beautiful landscapes.

decked out patio by a professional landscape designer

Budget Creation

Understanding what each aspect of a project will cost is essential to a successful project. A professional landscape designer has experience and knowledge about the costs associated with any project.

While the initial design process calls for creativity and unbounded imagination, it is just as important to translate those ideas into a realistic budget after defining a project’s aesthetic and direction. A professional landscape designer knows how to create a project range budget and can guide property owners through the pricing and bidding process as well as the decision to build a project at one time or to phase it over time.

Contractor Liaison

A professional landscape designer will have the industry connections necessary to complete a project. Professionals can seamlessly draw the design process into the construction phase.

Some landscape designers have in-house contracting operations. Other landscape designers work independently but have developed relationships with trusted professional landscaping contractors. Either way, these connections help ensure installers for the construction phase are available and able to complete a given project design.

professional landscape design and contractor

Project Management

Finally, a professional landscape designer can guide and manage a project from beginning to end. A landscape designer can start with a design from the development process and steer the project through construction and completion.

Throughout the course of a project, there will also be discoveries about the potential to improve what is being built. Almost always, some kind of unknown situation arises during construction. Having a professional project designer managing the project helps make sure that projects minimize unforeseen problems while capitalizing on positive opportunities.

Whether a property owner has specific ideas in mind for a project or they are just at the start of exploring possibilities, hiring an experienced landscape designer can translate ideas into reality. Contact Clients First Landscape Solutions today to develop and refine ideas into an actionable plan to create a beautiful outdoor space.