outdoor seating wall

Having fun and functional outdoor living space is an important aspect for every homeowner. Strategically planning landscape design can help give owners an aesthetically pleasing outdoor area, provide additional seating for guests, or help to enjoy being in the outdoor area. It is a great option to add an additional seating area without the clunky outdoor furniture. A seating wall is a short wall designed specifically for sitting. Here are some reasons to consider including a seating wall in an outdoor space. 


Seating walls are versatile. When considering ways to maximize space in an outdoor area, seating walls are the perfect option. They are easy to maintain and rarely require repairs. If they need cleaning, a quick spray with a water hose is often enough to get them back to their original splendor. Seating walls provide a stable place for children to play and a secure location for the elderly to rest. Unlike lawn furniture, they don’t collect mold or require extra storage space. Whether the home has a small yard or an expansive space, seating walls will fit any space. Over time, seating walls save money and eliminate the added expense of investing in new lawn furniture. 

Create a Sense of Space

Seating walls help homeowners define a sense of space in an outdoor area. They can be used near fireplaces, flower beds, and patio edges. They are an inviting addition to landscaping and serve to establish a space apart from lawns and gardens. This can help protect the grass and other foliage from too much foot traffic. When there are guests, seating walls limit the number of people who are able to gather in a certain area. Strategically placed seating walls can protect and prevent people from sitting too close to a fire pit, fireplace, or swimming pool and avoid accidents. 

Provide Protection

Seating walls are a great way to support retaining walls and guard flower beds. They provide new foliage a shield from a careless step and give shade to smaller plants that do not need full sun. When planning a gathering, seating walls reduce the amount of time, effort, and expense an individual must spend on providing proper seating for visitors. Walls give added stability, so owners don’t have to worry about guests falling over out of their chairs on an uneven lawn. Walls fit around trees, in gardens, or near outdoor hot tubs. Placing a seating wall near a child’s play area will encourage adults to sit near and supervise. 

Whether a seating wall is needed to define an outdoor living space and make the area more inviting or for safety reasons, homeowners can consider many options. A seating wall is an excellent addition to an outdoor living area as it defines an area, invites people to sit, and is an aesthetically pleasing way to add interest to the yard.