Mulch is something that must be done every year.  Several times a year.  Adding mulch to your flower beds in an important part of landscaping.  Every time a landscape installation is completed new mulch should always be added along with new bedding soil.  Mulch should be installed three times a year but some folks opt out to only doing mulch in the Spring and the Fall whenever they switch out their seasonal color.  For example we come out in March and install Petunias and pull weeds and put down fresh mulch.  We then come back around in the Fall and add pansies and new mulch.  Most of our regular customers have us pay a visit in the middle of the summer and give everything a good trim and pull any weeds.  So how does Mulch Benefit you?
  • Helps protect the root sytems of the plants
  • Helps the landscaping retain water for the plants
  • Provides plants with important nutrients
  • Helps make the landscape more aesthetically pleasing
You would be suprised at how much mulch can help the look of your landscape.  Its a night and day difference.  Its important that everything gets trimmed and all the weeds get pulled before the Mulch is installed.  Dont forget to take care of your landscape flower beds before they get out of hand because once temperatures start rising the landscape becomes overgrown.  
Clients First Landscape Solutions can provide you with an estimate on spring clean up and adding fresh mulch to the flower beds.  We also have quarterly maintenance plans that can be charged to any major credit card.  We can come out at every change of season and trim, pull weeds and replace the seasonal flowers.  Thanks for reading.  Remember we always keep our Clients First!