Creating outdoor living spaces can be one of the best investments you make into your home.  I would say about 80% of the homes I come across have your typical “builder special.”  They literally threw some mulch down over the dirt in the front yard and poured a small patio no larger than 150 square feet in the backyard.  Unfortunately for you as a homeowner 150 sq feet doesn’t provide much of a space to entertain.  Here are a few questions to ask yourself as a homeowner?

  • What areas of the landscape are highest priority? 
  • Are there any areas of landscaping that must be addressed before beginning this project? For example, grading, leveling, drainage and irrigation.
  • What are the city permit requirements and the HOA requirements?
  • After answering those questions figure out what part of the project you can do yourself and what part you should hire a professional contractor?

I have personally met homeowners who “think” they can tackle masonry work.  Now I have seen some really good work that homeowners have done for themselves but masonry work requires skilled labor.  I have also seen some homeowners who decided to pour a patio themselves or build an outdoor grill and it turned into a complete mess.  Obviously, if this happens it becomes more expensive for you and now the contractor will have to charge more to fix a bad job.  So make sure to ask yourself is this something that I can really do?  On most occasions, customers end up hiring us to handle all of their projects.  Normally when somebody decides to move forward with an outdoor living project we can discount other services like landscape install and clean up work.  There are other instances where the homeowner does all the landscaping themselves and we just bring out plants or materials for them to use while we are doing all the hardscape work. 

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So if you already have a project in mind and understand what must be done to get this project completed then take the next step and call a landscape contractor.  Clients First Landscape Solutions can provide you with any suggestions or ideas you may need and put together an itemized estimate so that you can understand how much each part of the project will cost.  Lets make that dream project a reality.