Sunbeds placed on terrace of villa | outdoor patio furniture

Making an outdoor living space comfortable and stylish involves picking the right patio furniture. You have many pieces to consider, including seating, tables, storage, cooking, and accessories. In addition, many patio furniture items feature various materials, styles, and colors. Learn about five patio furniture types and the benefits they can bring to an outdoor living space.

Outdoor Patio Furniture – Cozy Chairs

Chairs are excellent patio furniture staples for nearly any outdoor living space. They come in various styles, are made of many different materials, and are available in almost any color. 

Some common styles include folding chairs, loungers, rocking chairs, Adirondack chairs, stackable chairs, and more. Designs may lean more traditional, contemporary, modern, boho, or another visual style. Outdoor chairs typically bear metal, plastic, wicker, and wood materials. You can add just as many cushions and accessory pillows to any chair to make it even more comfortable and stylish. As for colors, choose from a dark wood chair, light-colored wicker, green plastic, bright yellow paint on wood, and many more options.

Accessory Seating

This seating option refers to unique and often trendy types of outdoor seating. Some standard accessory seating options to choose from include hammock chairs, hanging chairs, gliders, swings, stools, swivel chairs, oversized couch-like loveseats, chaises, and benches. 

These pieces often come in diverse traditional or modern styles, though that may also depend on the type of accessory seating itself. For example, many hammocks and hanging chairs are boho, while many outdoor chaises are more modern.

Outdoor Patio Furniture Fire Feature

An outdoor fire feature can work well on an existing patio or create a whole new outdoor living space in a backyard. Homeowners can choose to add an outdoor fireplace during a patio or deck renovation or to a new or existing outdoor kitchen. 

Fire pits can be great additions to patios, enhancing the space for entertaining and late-night or cool-weather lounging. Homeowners can also add a fire pit with matching benches, cozy patio chairs, or traditional camping chairs, making this feature incredibly versatile for many home styles.

Outdoor Dining Set

 An outdoor dining set is one of the most common outdoor patio furniture options. Alfresco dining is a great way to entertain guests, switch up the regular dinner routine, or enjoy food fresh off the grill. 

Homeowners can purchase entire sets, complete with multiple chairs, a table, and often a shade accessory like an umbrella. However, these sets are customizable in that someone could switch out the chairs, bring in a different table, change the umbrella, or use creative cushions and pillows for decoration.

Comfy Outdoor Couch

While chairs can work for individual seating for small gatherings and dining, an outdoor couch can make an outdoor living space feel more intimate. Place an outdoor sofa on a deck, patio, or around a fire feature.

When it comes to picking the right patio furniture, it’s essential to consider the location’s climate, a home or commercial property’s exterior style, and the available budget. Contact Clients First Landscape Solutions for a free estimate on any landscaping and outdoor living restoration project in the Plano area.