You see them everywhere you go, but few people know the purpose and function of retaining walls for your lawn. If you’ve ever wondered how a great retaining wall design can benefit your home, here’s everything you need to know about implementing a retaining wall in your backyard remodel.


What is a retaining wall?


A retaining wall plays an essential home in the integrity of your lawn. Its primary function is to retain a difference in ground elevation. For example, many homes on busy sidewalks will be set at a higher elevation than the rest of the street. They will often feature a retaining wall to make up for this difference.


Why do people install retaining walls?


Retaining walls offer a number of benefits for homeowners. Not only do they provide much-needed structural support at changes in elevation, but they also provide important flood control for your lawn. Where many sloped lawns will have trouble controlling the water that rolls downhill, a retaining wall will help lower the incline thereby allowing the rain to soak into the soil properly. For excessive bouts of rain, many retaining wall designs feature drainage pipes that help control the flow of water away from your home.


The benefits of retaining walls


Along with flood and erosion control, retaining walls can offer a number of different benefits for homeowners, particularly on hard-to-landscape hills. By transforming these hills into terraces, you’re utilizing your space more effectively and providing features that improve the look of your lawn.


If done correctly, a proper retaining wall installation can also transform your yard in the back of your house just as well as in the front. Many landscapers and home gardeners love retaining walls for their multiple aesthetic and functional uses. They might use them to create paths in your yard for aesthetic purposes. Home gardeners will also build gardens on terraces held back by a retaining wall design to prevent dogs and people from treading on their flowers.


If you want function and design, however, opting for a great retaining wall design will transform your yard for the better. In fact, 97% of realtors say landscaping can help homeowners receive a 215% return on their investment. When you want the best landscape design ideas Plano TX has to offer, rely on the expertise of Clients First Landscapes today.