Growing a garden you can be proud of in the Dallas-Fort Worth area can be challenging. Plants must be tough to survive the conditions in this area, where temperatures regularly top 100 degrees and rains can be sporadic or torrential, depending on the time of year. Lots in the DFW metro area are also shrinking, with newer properties having some of the smallest yards in the country, so large trees aren’t feasible for many homeowners. We understand plants can be a large investment, so we’ve created this handy guide celebrating some of the top plants and trees that thrive in Dallas.

Cinderella Crabapple

Crabapple trees are popular Texas natives, but these large accent trees aren’t practical for many small Dallas yards. Thankfully, a dwarf variety called the Cinderella crabapple is every bit as tolerant of droughts and alkaline soils. You’ll also enjoy the vivid fall foliage and sweet-smelling flowers crabapples are famous for, just on a much smaller scale. Cinderella crabapple trees typically grow up to 8 feet tall and 6 feet wide, so they’re much more compact than other crabapples that grow upward of 25 feet tall and wide.

Texas Persimmon

Texas persimmon trees are also small native trees, so they’re another excellent option for Dallas yards. They produce delicious fruit and can withstand drought conditions, alkaline soil, and life in the sun or shade. Unlike many fruit trees, pests and diseases rarely trouble them. Make sure you keep your tree pruned back because while most grow between 10 and 15 feet, some Texas persimmons can grow as tall as 45 feet. Plant multiple Texas persimmons between 15 and 20 feet apart to give them the space they need to thrive.


Zexmenia, sometimes called wedelia, is so hardy you might have seen it growing along local sidewalks. Don’t mistake this sweet shrub for a weed, though. This Texas native, with dainty yellow-orange flowers that contrast with its green foliage, is simply made for local conditions. A popular border shrub, you can plant zexmenia in the sun or shade and water it sparingly for great results.

EnduraScape Verbenas

Verbenas are always popular in Texas, but the EnduraScape plants are the best option for the DFW area. Like all verbenas, these plants love full sun, even on scorching summer days. However, they’ll also tolerate temperatures into the teens, so they’re perfect for those rare cold snaps. EnduraScape verbenas are tough but don’t look it, with beautiful flowers that stick around longer than the average verbenas. They impress cascading over a retaining wall but can also thrive in window boxes or hanging baskets if you’re short on space.

If you’re still not sure which plants to choose, contact the Dallas landscaping experts at Clients First Landscaping Solutions. We can suggest the plants that will work best for you after assessing your space and learning more about your lifestyle and tastes. No matter how big or small your outdoor space is, contact us to learn how we can help you make it work better for you.