When searching for the perfect way to create an outdoor living space, many people think of fire features. A backyard fire feature adds both warmth and style to an outside entertaining area. Fire features uniquely blend utility and design in a statement or accent piece. There are a variety of types, materials, and looks available to choose from, so it’s easy to find one that aligns with a person’s space, budget, and aesthetic. Here are a few helpful tips for selecting the perfect outdoor fireplace.

Select a Fuel Type

fire features

The most popular fuel types for outdoor fireplaces are gas, electric, and wood. Gas fire features are more expensive because they require a plumber to professionally install a gas line before use. However, they’re easier to manage because they don’t need to be stocked with chopped wood or need to be cleaned of ash or particulates. Electric and wood-burning fireplaces are cheaper options because they’re often ready to use without requiring professional assistance. Researching the specifications of each fuel type can help decide what type of fire feature best fits a space.

Assess for Safety

Where someone places a fire feature, even outdoors, can pose potential safety hazards. For instance, placing a wood-burning fire bowl near a structure creates a fire hazard because of stray embers. If someone wants a fire feature that’s under an outdoor structure, they can install or purchase one that operates on gas to avoid this potential threat.

Choose a Unit

When choosing an outdoor fire feature, there are two options: Buy a freestanding unit or design a custom piece. Electing to install a freestanding unit is often easier because these units usually require little to no assembly before use. There are many styles, colors, and types of freestanding fire feature to choose from, so anyone can research and find a unit that aligns with their taste and needs. A custom unit can be a costly solution, but it allows someone to personalize any details required to fit their needs and accommodate their space effectively.

Define a Style

Outdoor fire features come in a variety of styles and materials, such as pits, bowls, tables, chimineas, and patio heaters. For some people, it’s helpful to create a design lookbook of inspirational pictures and products. This type of research can help them explore different design styles and clearly define their preferences. It also allows them to visualize how different materials, colors, and textures interact so they can choose the style that suits their space and tastes. However, it’s also important that people assess their chosen outdoor space and evaluate how different materials may blend or contrast with other outdoor elements.

Overall, fire features provide a stylish means of heating an outdoor space. With some research and thoughtful consideration, anyone can transform their backyard into a cozy space that’s perfect for any gathering. Whether they choose a convenient and freestanding fire feature or a professionally crafted custom-designed fire feature, anyone can enjoy the outdoors all year long in comfort.