When people shop for properties, curb appeal and aesthetics have a significant impact on first impressions. While you might maintain your lawn and tidy up your shrubs and trees to keep up appearances, it is important to know that those tasks pay dividends when it comes time to sell your property. Professional landscaping services in Dallas can help you increase your property value by at least 6%-13%. Below are the projects that typically have the greatest impact:

Well-Maintained Landscaping 

General landscaping maintenance, such as weeding, applying fresh mulch, removing dead plants and debris, and pruning trees and shrubs, can improve your curb appeal dramatically. Hiring a professional company to complete these time-consuming tasks is well worth the investment. After all, the average property owner can expect to recover 100% of their landscape maintenance costs at resale. That’s quite the return for what you typically pay for regular landscaping services.

A Healthy Lawn

If you don’t maintain grass areas, they may become worn, unruly, and overrun by weeds. However, basic lawn care and regular mowing and edging can prevent your green spaces from becoming unsightly. Consider engaging a lawn care or landscaping service to keep up with the mowing, weed control, fertilization, seeding, and aeration of your grass so you don’t have to.¬†Furthermore, lawn care pays for itself by presenting a pretty picture to potential buyers and earning a 267% return on investment when it comes time to sell.

Mature Trees

Trees improve curb appeal, increase a property’s privacy, and help reduce heating requirements. Properties with trees are typically more desirable than those without, with studies showing an increase in value of around 7%. A professional landscaping service can help you select the best tree species for your area, plant them in the appropriate place, and maintain them so they look lush and stay healthy for years to come.

Landscape Lighting

By installing lighting in your landscaping, you can highlight your property’s features after dark and make your outdoor spaces functional day and night. Landscape lighting options that can increase your property’s value include walkway lighting, spotlights and floodlights, and hardscape lights.

Patios and Walkways

Well-maintained yards, flowers, shrubs, and trees can go a long way when it comes to first impressions of your property. To increase the value even more, consider adding landscaping features, such as paths, patios, paved areas, and gazebos. If you have a worn path or weathered deck on your property, give it an upgrade with paver stones or a fresh stain. Features such as these make a property truly pop and enhance visual cohesion.

Invest in Your Property the Easy Way

When you hire professional landscaping services in Dallas, you’re getting a healthier, more beautiful yard and also investing in your property’s value. Buyers are inclined to pay more for visually appealing exteriors and tidy green spaces that indicate a well-maintained property. For professional help boosting your property’s value, contact our team at Clients First Landscape Solutions.