Plano’s hot, dry summers can make planting more difficult, but thanks to the region’s long growing season, you can get a lot out of your garden if you maintain it properly. Whether you need something to liven up your yard or you simply want some low-effort plants to provide extra shade, there are numerous species that thrive in Plano’s challenging climate. Check out this guide to the best heat-tolerant plants that grow in Plano, and learn how to care for them. 

Sunlight-Loving Ornamentals

Brighten up your yard with a shorter species of holly. Dwarf Burford, dwarf Yaupon, and needlepoint hollies are tough as nails and tend to need less water than their taller cousins. During the drier season, it’s best to water your holly every four days. Junipers are another great plant variety that thrive in the sun. Nearly all species do best in full sun, and the ground-hugging versions can help attract bees, butterflies, and other pollinators to your lot and suppress weed growth. 

Yews and crape (or crepe) myrtles can also be excellent additions to your garden. Both plants are available in a variety of sizes and require minimal care. While not native to Plano, Japanese yew does surprisingly well in hot climates and can provide your Northeast Texas yard with a little taste of the Pacific Northwest. 

Heat-Absorbing Flowers

The Texas columbine or, Texas Gold, is a large, bright yellow flower that blooms on and off beginning in April. It’s able to withstand even the harshest of summer heat, making it a great addition to your garden. If watered regularly, the flower can grow to be 3 feet tall. Dwarf Mexican petunias grow on clumps of dark green foliage, and they also prefer full sun. They’re highly heat-resistant, and they provide beautiful light purple or white flowers. 

Black-eyed Susans get their name from their dark centers, and they’re another great heat-absorbing summer flower that requires little maintenance. Plano’s varieties are usually bright yellow, though it’s possible to find varieties that are a dark golden or orange color. 

Tips for Helping Plants Thrive in the Heat

Plano’s summers can be sweltering, and no matter what you have in your garden, it’s important to protect it during the inevitable heatwave. Though sun-loving plants are generally well-adapted to the high heat of Plano, leafier varieties may experience greater damage from prolonged temperatures in the upper 90s. Make sure to create a regular watering schedule for your plants and stick to it throughout the summer. When the heatwave hits, avoid fertilizing your plants, and wait to prune damaged leaves until it cools down a bit. 

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