As the days grow warmer and your trees and landscaping show signs of coming to life, it’s time to start spring cleaning. Well-timed and proper landscape maintenance can help ensure your yard looks healthy and lush throughout the growing season. Here’s how to best prepare your Dallas property for optimal growth and beauty this spring.

Image via Unsplash by mattchen

Clean up Debris

Over the winter, leaves, dead plants, old mulch, and sticks have likely collected on your property, resulting in unsightly dried debris. Use a rake to clear them from your yard and beds, and either compost or discard them as yard waste. Doing so will improve your landscaping’s appearance while clearing the way for new, healthy plant growth. If you choose to compost organic yard debris, note that the resulting product can become an excellent all-natural fertilizer several months later.

Prune Trees, Shrubs, and Perennials

Pruning dead or damaged branches keeps shrubs and trees looking healthy and allows them to concentrate their energy and nutrients on new growth. Trim overgrown shrubs and tree branches growing too close to each other or structures. Remove dead leaves and stalks from perennials and cut the plants back to 4 or 5 inches to encourage spring growth. If you have tall or ornamental grasses on your property, trim them to 2 inches before they begin growing this spring.

Divide Perennials

If you have perennials in your beds and containers, you might need to divide and relocate them. To determine if this step is necessary, look for plants that are starting to overcrowd each other. Before they bloom, dig them out of the ground and divide them into smaller clusters (we recommend three to five shoots), ensuring they have healthy and full root systems. This task ensures they don’t have to compete for nutrients and water as they grow this spring.

Prepare Your Lawn

Using a metal rake, clear damaged and dead areas of your lawn so grass seedlings can grow in their stead. Then, aerate your yard to break up the soil so water, oxygen, and nutrients can penetrate it and reach grass roots. This step helps your grass grow thick and healthy. Also, choose a spring fertilizer to apply before a light rain so the ground can absorb it easily, and remember to water regularly.

Manage Weeds

Getting ahead of weed growth can save you headaches later in the season. Weed control can be manual, herbicidal, or organic. Pulling weeds by hand is one of the most effective methods, but it can be time-consuming and labor-intensive. You can also apply a thick layer of fresh mulch to garden beds to discourage weeds from taking hold. Consider applying an herbicide to bare lawn spots to discourage weed and crabgrass growth.

Taking these steps gives your property the best chance of emerging from winter healthy and vibrant. If you need help with your Dallas area landscaping or spring cleaning, contact our team at Clients First Landscape Solutions. We can help you prepare your yard for spring growth and year-round success.