Lawn maintenance for the most part encompasses mowing, weed-eating, and edging.  You are probably solicited daily for lawn mowing services.  I can walk down just about any street in Frisco or Plano and see 3 to 4 door hangars attached to their front door soliciting for lawn maintenance services.  But yet there is a difference between someone who just simply maintains a lawn and then the one who combines different elements of hardscaping and softscaping to create an appealing landscape.  A landscape designer/landscape contractor is that person.  It amazes me how so many homeowners call us needing estimates on simple work like mulch, trimming, weed pulling, and maybe planting some seasonal flowers.  We love doing that type of work and I will never hesitate for that type of project but it surprises me that these people won’t call the company that maintains their lawn and cuts the grass.  I hear alot of different accounts but most of the time they say that the guy who cuts the lawn DOESNT LIKE getting in the flower beds or if he does do the work it’s rather sloppy.  There are a lot of large landscape companies that provide design and install services along with lawn maintenance.  We have hesitated to add yard mowing to our company because landscape installing and building outdoor living spaces is our core business.  I get excited about creating beautiful landscapes and building outdoor kitchens.  I never say never though.  The day may come when we decide to cut grass and offer that service to the homeowner.  A lot of my regular customer ask me are you ever going to cut grass and the honest answer? I don’t know.  We do have another service that we offer which falls into landscape maintenance.  

Clients First Landscape Solutions offers seasonal landscape plans and monthly landscape plans.  Depending on the size of the yard and how extensive the landscape is you may opt-in for the monthly maintenance.  Basically how it works is we take an assessment of the yard and calculate how many labor hours it will take to pull weeds, trim shrubs, and put down fresh mulch.  The first service would be the most expensive if the yard was in need of clean-up.  After that, the price would be cheaper.  We also incorporate seasonal color into our maintenance plan.  Some customers will have us come by at the change of each season and install new flowers, trim the shrubs, pull weeds, and freshen up the mulch.  We either bill this service out monthly or it can be paid for in one lump sum at the start of the season.  I have other customers who have us come out once a month and keep their flower beds looking perfect!  Their mulch is always fresh and the weeds are always pulled.  I can also design different annual arrangements for flower pots that are switched out at the change of season.  For the most part, these seasonal landscape maintenance plans are custom and we can provide you with a proposal on this if you want your yard to stay looking perfect!

Clients First Landscape Solutions offers an array of landscape services.  We are a premier landscape company that offers design/build services.  We have extensive knowledge in landscape systems and masonry construction.  Please do not hesitate to reach out to us if you have any questions or need an estimate on your next landscape project or outdoor kitchen.  Here is a link to our full list of services:

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