I can’t even count the amount of times we have received phone calls and done jobs where the customer is just tired of staring at the ugly eyesore of a rusted metal edge.  Metal edging is a cost-effective solution to adding a border around your flower beds but unfortunately, you will have to dish out more money for the new metal edging within 3 to 5 years after it starts rusting and deteriorating.  Another problem is that once it is rusted and deteriorated it becomes a danger to small children once pieces of it start chipping off.  It becomes a danger for barefooted children playing in the yard.  As a landscape contractor I will install metal edging if the customer specifically wants it and does not want to explore other options but in my professional opinion why not spend a little more money and get the job done right.

rusted metal edging

The photo above was a stone border job that we completed in Parker, TX.  A suburb that is about 30 minutes North of Dallas.  This customer had reached out to us from one of our door hangers and had a rusted metal edge that was put in when the home was built.  Now besides the stone borders adding aesthetic value how else do stone borders benefit your landscape?  First and foremost it stops the grass from the yard from growing into the flower beds.  You would think the metal edge would do the same but when a metal edge is installed its only set about one inch into the ground with stakes.  When Clients First Landscape Solutions installs stone borders we pour a concrete footer that keeps the roots from running into the flower beds.  We then mortar all the joints.  We can even match the mortar to the mortar that was used on your home.  That request is normally an upcharge.  Clients First Landscape Solutions has relationships with several suppliers in Dallas and Fort Worth so we can always find the stone that matches best with your home.  Now another benefit to the borders is that they do keep mulch and soil from washing out during a heavy rain.  If you have storm drains from the gutters we can install a small pop up drain that leads the water to the yard.

This was one of the projects where the customer had requested that we match the mortar to their home.  Its hard to see from this picture but the mortar used on the stone veneer and brick on the home is a chocolate brown.  We just take a picture of the mortar and take it to one of our suppliers and they create a dye that we add to the mortar.  In this project we also went a few layers high when installing the stone borders.  The customers yard was at a incline in certain spots and we kept the stone level to help create a very clean look that tied into the house very well.  All in all stone borders are a permanent solution to your landscape.  Clients First Landscape Solutions stone work will not crack and crumble after 3 to 5 years like a metal edge and they also help add value to your home.  So if you are tired of staring at that rusted metal edge or you have grass that constantly is growing into your flower beds than call one of our landscape professionals and we can provide you with an estimate.