Well we have finally made it through the another wet Spring.  It has been great for landscaping and now that warm temperatures have arrived it is amazing how beautiful all the plants are.  Everything is so green and lawns are healthy and full.  Hopefully all this rains helps lift some of the watering restrictions we have in Dallas and Collin County.  The past couple years a lot of folks lost their lawns during the hot summers and strict watering restrictions.  That should not be the case this year though.  It’s important to get your irrigation probably adjusted for this Summer so that your lawn can be properly watered.  A lot of people have turned off their systems because of all the rain but don’t forget to turn them back on!  Soon we will be in the high 90s and low 100s temperature range and that can destroy a lawn quick if it doesn’t receive any watering.  Same goes for the landscape and flower beds.  Have you considered get a drip line system installed?  This can be a more efficient way to water the plants in your landscape.  Also as mentioned a few months ago there are several drought tolerant perennials and shrubs that can be installed which still provide a nice green foliage and add some color.  Some of the drought tolerant plants may include Yuccas, Sages, Agave, and perennials like Lantana, and Salvia.  There are tons of different types of Salvia so I am sure you can find something that you like.  If you prefer to stick to seasonal plantings like Penta, Caladiums and Coleus just make sure that your irrigation system is properly adjusted and getting good coverage.  Annual plantings do require more water than some of those perennials I mentioned above.