If you want to transform your yard, incorporating alluring autumn decorations and remodels is a great way to bring life to your home. Even though summer is still in full swing, hopefully, these landscape design ideas can spark some inspiration for when fall rolls around.

Feature a fire pit

Fire pits serve as the beautiful gathering point for friends and family that come to visit. Lucky for you, they’re also the perfect autumn feature when you want to transform your yard into a fantastic fall-themed garden. A custom fire pit crafted by a master landscaping business will ensure the fire pit fits the size, shape, and aesthetic of your backyard. What better way to ring in cooler fall nights than cozying up around the fire with a few loved ones?

“Retain” your flowers with dark stone

You might want to think about a beautiful retaining wall to add a more organized look to your garden. Whether you’re trying to keep your furry friend out of your vegetables or you simply want to create a more streamlined look, a retaining wall offers a variety of options for every homeowner.

To keep your new retaining wall fall-themed, try going for darker stone; rich browns, cool greys, and curved walls will accent the fall-themed flowers or vegetables you’ve planted for the autumn. It’s a great way to create a more diverse landscape without overhauling your entire backyard. Be sure to hire a professional to ensure your retaining wall design lasts you for years to come.

Decorate your patio

Any beautifully constructed patio will look great with rich reds and deep oranges colors. On dry nights, decorate patio furniture with burgundy pillows and blankets. You can also buy cheap, simple planters to paint yourself! Opt for beautiful autumnal colors and designs before you plant fall plants like chrysanthemums.

When over half of homeowners spend over six hours a week in their yard, you need to be sure you create a space you love. To create an extra cozy fall space, you can always buy plastic orange pumpkins and lantern lights to make it look like you fell into a fall fairytale.

If you want to transform your yard for the fall, you need to call the best landscaping business to make sure the job gets done right. Visit Clients First Landscape Solutions today for a consultation with the best design professionals.