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Landscaping can be a challenge for a dog-owning family. Between digging, chewing, and activities that should be saved for the bathroom, maintaining a garden seems nearly impossible with a dog in the home.

However, there are plenty of ways to maintain a beautiful landscape despite Fido’s reign of terror. Here are some pet-friendly landscaping ideas designed for the dog-lover in mind.

Raised vegetable gardens

Dogs are attracted to the countless smells in your garden. As such, they might dig, eat, and tear apart your vegetable garden before your tomatoes are ripe for the picking. Raised garden beds are a great alternative for pet-owners: not only are these gardens easy to maintain and water, they’ll also be out of reach from your digging dog. You also have the added bonus of storing essential tools and gardening equipment right underneath the beds in some models.

Section off certain areas

If you want to keep your hydrangeas out of your pup’s running circuit, sectioning off certain parts of your backyard is a necessity. While you don’t need to incorporate unsightly fenced-off areas, pieces of driftwood or smaller barricades can be enough to dissuade your dog from going into your garden.

Give your dog a safe space

Dog houses have seemingly become a thing of the past, but providing a shelter outside for your dog is essential if you spend a lot of time outside. Dog’s can overheat quickly, so having a sheltered dog house or tent with plenty of water will make your backyard retreat a relaxing space for your dog too.

Implement hardscapes

While you want plenty of green space for your dog to run and play, hardscapes — like stone paths, patios, and accents — will stop unsightly urine patches from damaging your grass. It’s easy to maintain and can express your personal style through a variety of stone types and colors. Talk to your local landscapers for more information on incorporating hardscapes into your landscape.

When 75% of American adults want to spend time outside in their yards, it’s important to craft a space you’ll enjoy. When you’re planning your next backyard remodel, try incorporating these fun landscaping ideas. Call your local landscaping business for more tips and tricks to transform your yard into a haven for you and your dog.