Texas gets hot — if there’s one thing Plano landscaping absolutely must provide, it is a source of shade. Trees can provide excellent temperature regulation in all seasons, with their shade reducing air conditioning bills often by above 25% in the summer, and their wind protection decreasing heating bills by as much as 10% in winter. However, trees take decades to mature, so most landscape design ideas need to involve a quicker solution. This is why many landscapers recommend constructing a pergola.

Origin of the Pergola

While the precise date of the pergola’s inception is unknown, they were first mentioned in English and Italian texts dating to the mid-17th century. The term derives from pergula, a Latin word referring to a projecting eave. A pergola consists of a series of pillars protruding up from the ground which support an open roof of parallel horizontal beams, often covered in a leafy vine to provide shade and added greenery. Traditionally constructed of wood, elements of pergolas can also be made of bricks, stone, or a variety of modern materials such as aluminum, vinyl, and fiberglass, to name a few.

Why Get a Pergola?

Landscapers can easily increase the value of a property by installing a pergola. The garden feature serves to extend a home’s living space by providing a relaxing shaded area. The elevated greenery which can be grown atop a pergola functions effortlessly as a yard’s focal point, lending the landscape a dignified, dynamic feel. It is for this reason that pergolas served as a key tool in the arsenal of several prominent landscapers in 19th and 20th century England.

For those with neighbors close by, a pergola can also serve as a welcome source of privacy, as the vines which they support can grow over the sides. This privacy-creating green space is far easier to maintain than hedges, which require frequent trimming.

With the introduction of modern materials into pergola design, the backyard centerpiece is now more accessible than ever. These materials serve to reduce costs and minimize necessary maintenance. Have Clients First Landscape Solutions get to work on improving your yard with a pergola today!