Landscaping with kids in mind can be a challenge, but relying on the right backyard features can help turn your yard into a reprieve for the whole family. If you’re trying to transform your yard for your kids, here are some essential features and ideas to include in your backyard remodel.


Start with a basic layout of your yard


As much as you’d love to devote your backyard to your children, this space should be an environment that everyone can enjoy, young and old alike. After all, your little ones will appreciate a diverse atmosphere in their backyard as they start to grow older. As cool as it is to have a child’s backyard paradise, it’ll save you money in the long run to prep for the future.


Start by dividing the space into zones of entertainment. A custom fire pit in one corner can help support your dream outdoor chef’s kitchen. Across from this location, install that swing set and sandpit for ample play time. This might seem difficult if you have a small backyard, but you’d be surprised to realize how even small areas of land can go a long way. Additionally, providing these zones of separation makes it feel like you and your children have a space of their own, even when they’re simply a stone’s throw away.


Keep safety in mind


Safety is one of the top concerns when you’re transforming your backyard. You never know when your child could run out of your line of sight and get hurt. To prevent accidents from occurring, try following these tips as you design your yard:


  • Fence off pools and other dangerous areas (such as tool sheds and fire pits) with a childproof lock
  • Install non-slip surfaces on decks and patios to prevent falls
  • Avoid toxic plants in your garden or use a retaining wall to separate these areas


Focus on fun


These practical tips can go a long way when it comes to creating a safe space for your children. However, you want to ensure that your backyard is a fun retreat as well. Consider your child’s hobbies and interests to create a space that’s fun and inviting for them.


For example, if your child loves sports, consider installing sporting equipment, like a basketball hoop or a soccer net. Many children will love seeing how their hard work pays off, so establishing a child’s sized garden where they can grow their own plants is another great option. Talk to your landscaping business to craft a landscape design that works for your household.


While more than half of homeowners think a backyard remodel will cost $10,000 or more, only two-thirds of homeowners actually spent this amount. When you want the best landscaping design ideas for kids, rely on the landscaping Plano TX trusts: with Clients First Landscape Solutions, we work hard to find the perfect design for your home. Contact us today for more information.