While Texans might not get a lot of snow, we do have a lot of holiday spirit. If you want the outside of your home to look just as festive as the inside, here are some tips to creating a winter wonderland without the threat of cold.

Go easy on the decorations

One of the worst fashion faux pas of the holiday season is over-decorating. While everyone appreciates a little winter magic, countless decorations and nicknacks can make your yard look more cluttered than Christmas. You can’t go wrong with a simple red and white adornment.

Choose a few festive favorites and save the rest for next year. A changing design is more fun than the same look year after year anyway.


Create the perfect wall garden

This is the perfect place to plant your holiday decorations. Even if you can’t plant a poinsettia, sprinkling a little holiday cheer looks best when you add dimension to your decorating. Instead of scattering a number of decorations throughout your garden, lace some festive lights or hang a few ornaments on your garden retaining wall. Two key components of crafting a winter wonderland are structure and pattern; opt for curved edges for a dreamy feel and sharp points for a more modern look.

A retaining wall adds dimension and depth to an otherwise flat landscape. Luckily, there are countless retaining wall design options to suit the layout and function of your backyard remodel. Contact a great landscaping business, like Clients First Landscapes, for more information today.


Light it up

When the nights start to grow a little longer, your lights will surely shine throughout your yard. Transform your yard into a winter wonderland with a number of lights both high and low to give it a dreamy, fuzzy feeling you can only experience during the holidays. Make it a truly cozy location with a custom fire pit by an expert landscaping business. This can serve as the focal point of your lawn — be sure to highlight the location with a few extra decorations.

Did you know that 83% of homeowners find owning a yard is important? On top of that, 90% of those individuals also believe these yards should be well-maintained. When you want to create the perfect winter wonderland in your yard, rely on a landscaping business you can trust; with Clients First Landscapes, we ensure your backyard remodel gets done right. Contact us today for the best landscaping ideas, landscape design, and backyard remodels in Texas.