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With summer fully upon us, it’s more important than ever to craft the backyard of your dreams. Create a whimsical landscape for your guests using these simple landscaping additions.

Garden with colorful flowers

No landscaping design is complete without a bed of flowers. To create a whimsical vibe in your garden, remember that color is key. The addition of a beautifully crafted flower bed held back by a unique retaining wall will grace the eyes and noses of your guests. Choose colorful flowers that complement each other to create a streamlined aesthetic, or choose a jumble of colors that make you feel like you’ve entered a picture book. Consult with your local landscaping business to craft the perfect garden layout for your home.

Provide unique seating

Lawn chairs are a thing of the past: repurpose old logs and turn them into whimsical seating benches and station them at various locations across your yard. This will allow you and your guests to enjoy your full yard, not just one small part of it. Add decorations like painted rocks and statues to make each location a different experience.

Including a bench swing is another great way to create a welcoming, fun atmosphere and provide whimsy to your garden. Consider purchasing one with an awning and add colorful pillows and decorations for a personal touch.


Don’t be afraid to break out the statues, stones, and fairy doors. While going overboard is all too easy when you’re experimenting with landscape design ideas, consider small additions to add a touch of whimsy. Place beautifully painted fairy doors at the bases of tree trunks or hang wind chimes from tree limbs. If your yard doesn’t have trees, consider purchasing standing decorations, like tall birdhouses or metal planter holders to draw the eye upward.

Light it up

Thread LED white Christmas lights along the back and arms of bench seating. Purchase lawn lights to light paths that go in unexpected directions. Think about including tiki torches around sitting areas. There are so many lighting fixtures out there, the possibilities are endless. Avoid larger lights if you have a small yard to make your landscape look larger.

Consider contacting a landscaping business when you want to create the yard of your dreams. Not only will improving your landscape help your home’s resale value by up to 14%, but you’ll also create a space your whole family can enjoy.