For the amateur (or professional) chef, a perfectly crafted outdoor kitchen brings your love for cooking wherever you go. If you love to make the most of your backyard, there’s no better addition to your home than adding an outdoor kitchen.

Here’s how to plan your dream outdoor chef’s kitchen.

Make sure you have enough space

A small backyard simply won’t accommodate your dream kitchen if you want to implement all the bells and whistles. A small backyard doesn’t mean your dreams are dashed, however; a small backyard opens up new possibilities.

There are mobile chef stations for ease of storage and benefits in mobility. If you want to host an event on the other side of your yard, having a mobile grill is a huge benefit. Think about your lifestyle and your home’s accommodations before making an investment like this.

Do you want the basics or more?

A dream outdoor chef’s kitchen might look different from person to person. While some home chefs are content with a gas range and oven, other chefs demand stainless steel appliances, a grill, a stove, refrigerator, sink, and extra storage. Oh, and don’t forget the perfect custom fire pit to top it all off. This is a great option for folks who entertain often and live in a warm environment where you can use your yard to the fullest.

Think about how often you use your backyard and if you think a full kitchen and custom fire pit is a worthy investment. Almost all real estate agents — around 90% or so — recommend their clients invest in landscaping before they put their home on the market.

Covered or not?

For those who live in harsher climates, an outdoor kitchen isn’t out of the question. Covered outdoor spaces can offer cozy seclusion in your backyard remodel. Simply extend the range of your deck or patio and craft an awning or ceiling to continue cooking when it rains. There’s nothing better than enjoying a meal with your family next to the sounds and sights of a thunderstorm.

How’s the rest of your yard?

Is the rest of your yard equipped to handle the look and space of an outdoor kitchen? If not, call the best landscaping business around to fix your retaining wall, improve your landscaping ideas, and perform the best backyard remodel around.

With Clients First Landscape Solutions, you never have to worry about your yard’s health and aesthetic. Whether you want a full kitchen for the amateur chef or want to improve the look of their yard with a custom fire pit, you can’t go wrong with Clients First Landscape. Call today for more information when you want to craft your dream outdoor chef’s kitchen.