Are you looking to add more living space to your home? Then, perhaps you should consider investing in some landscaping. Yes—landscaping. Taking advantage of your unused backyard to create another room is the new way to gain a little more square footage without building a costly addition. From adding something as simple as a few trees and chairs to adding something as elaborate as a dream outdoor chef’s kitchen, you can transform your yard. Here’s how.

Start with a floor.

If you want an outdoor space that feels like a room, you will need to find or dig some level ground to create a floor. You can leave this to a professional landscaper if that sounds like too much work for you. Then, you can choose a flooring material.

Natural elements work best for floors in outdoor rooms, so think stone pavers, decomposed granite, or treated concrete. You can use an existing deck as the floor for your new room or build one depending on your budget. Many decks can even be built around a custom fire pit if that’s a feature you’re interested in. You can add some softness underfoot and some color and texture with an outdoor rug.

Add some walls.

Because you aren’t actually building a room, you’re going to be adding the “suggestion” of a wall. This means that you will use landscaping, such as hedges, existing walls, a railing, or a stone retaining wall to create an enclosure. You can even string up outdoor curtains between trees or use a canopy with side shades. Lattice with trailing flowers can create a wall, as well.

Create a ceiling.

You don’t necessarily want to obstruct your view of the sky, but you may want some type of ceiling to protect you from sun and rain. You can use a patio umbrella, sun sail, or canopy. You could also build a pergola; use hanging plants; or even use the cover of some nearby tree branches as a roof.

Furnish it.

Once you decide what you plan to use your new room for, you can purchase furniture. If it’s going to be an outdoor kitchen, you can find all sorts of grills, sinks, and stoves made for patios. You can go with a bar and stools or even get sophisticated with a dining room table and chairs. If your new space is going to be a living room, you can find almost any size, shape, or color of sofa and chairs made specifically for outdoors. One thing to keep in mind is that outdoor furniture should be comfortable and easy to move if you plan to store it inside during the winter months.

Add some luxury.

Lastly, add some finishing touches or extras. You can go with colorful potted plants, dishes, artwork, or statues. Fire rings, candles, string lights, or lanterns add the light you will need. You can add water features, such as a koi pond or fountain nearby. Some people like to keep blankets and pillows stored in a waterproof storage bench or ottoman.

Whatever you decide to use your new additional space for, be sure to pick what makes you happy and enjoy the outdoors.