Whether you are looking to keep up with the Jones, the Kardashians, or no one in particular, it doesn’t really matter. Landscaping your own yard is a very important activity that helps complete the look and feel of a home. For those looking to do a backyard remodel, and perhaps add a dream outdoor chef’s kitchen, here are the hottest trends for landscaping in 2019. Before we get started, just in case you didn’t know . . . adding landscaping can increase a home’s value by as much as 14%!

Custom Fire Pits:

Fire pits are an excellent addition to an outdoor patio or yard. In addition to having a cozy fire for the evenings, a custom fire pit can add a lot of flavor to the look and feel of the landscape design. Do you live in a desert area? Consider a custom fire pit made of sandstone, carved and fitted perfectly for your patio. Home up in the Rocky Mountains? Perhaps chunks of granite or quartzite would be a great complement to the surrounding area. One thing is for sure: custom fire pits are in.

Serenity Gardens:

Perhaps you aren’t all that into the idea of harvesting corn and tomatoes from a garden in your yard, but you still want a place of solitude that you can retreat too. One of the greatest landscape design ideas for 2019 is building a serenity garden. Most people have heard or read about the benefits of meditation, and people are starting to put it into practice. Serenity gardens can provide you with a place to relax and meditate out in your yard and are a very versatile landscaping trend.

Using Native Plants:

While it is fun to import exotic looking plants into your yard, one of the biggest trends in landscaping right now is utilizing native plants to compliment the home. Native plants have a host of benefits beyond looking great. The sustainability of using native plants is much higher as they are more suited to the environment you live in. Additionally, native plants are great food for bees and other pollinators. This makes your home a great addition to the ecology of the area as well as being trendy and stylish.

Functional Kitchen and Bathroom Spaces:

We weren’t kidding when we said it might be time to build an outdoor chef’s kitchen. People love hosting outdoor events at their homes. However, one of the issues with outdoor events is the need to shuffle people in and out of the house to access the kitchen (where the food is) and the bathrooms (where the food eventually goes). One of the most practical and enjoyable trends of 2019 is to add an outdoor chefs kitchen that can complement a custom fire pit or other trendy design. This keeps all the guests happy and in one place where they can interact with the food and each other. Additionally, it gives the chef an opportunity to interact with everyone while the food is being prepared.

Kitchen Gardens:

We don’t mean planting a garden in the kitchen. Rather, plant a garden for your kitchen. If you love making home made salsa, consider planting a stylish garden with tomatoes, peppers, and onions. In addition to tasting fresh, homegrown salsa is guaranteed to wow guests who will be amazed at your ability to grow food and prepare it in your own home. Added bonus if you have an outdoor chef’s kitchen!

Water Features:

Water feature are a timeless addition to beautiful landscaping design. Though they have been used for hundreds of years, there is something magical about water that draws human attention. Because of that, water features are still very much in. Consider bringing in a custom water feature that helps draw attention to a particular part of the yard. If it is a larger water feature, consider having it is a central place to gather and sit.

Regardless of what your landscaping needs are this year, we want to help you make your yard a beautiful place where people love to gather. Make this summer a memorable one by spending time with the people you love, right in the comfort of your back yard.