In definition hardscape refers to use of heavier materials when installing landscaping.  Like river rock, flagstone, chopped stone and such.  Creating walkways, patios, and outdoor living spaces.  Softscape simply means the use of lighter materials like mulch, soils and plants.  Simply put it’s the type of materials and labor that’s involved that separates the two types of landscaping.  A great combination of hardscape design and softscape design will create a beautiful landscape.

Normally in a landscape design we will always incorporate both hardscapes and softscapes into the plan.  Hardscaping is employed in the early stages of the installation to create the desired shape or area where softscapes will be installed.  Hardscaping also helps protect the integrity of the land.   With the construction of retaining walls, stone walkways or concrete patios, the loosening and erosion of soil is considerably curbed.  Hardscapes combined with drainage systems also plays a vital role in the irrigation of your yard too.

Softscaping is the living, vibrant life of your landscape.  Softscaping can be both permanent as well as temporary.  Permanent softscapes would refer to installing trees, shrubs and other perennials.  Temporary softscapes refers to seasonal plantings like annuals and potato vine.  These seasonal plantings help add character to walkways and driveways and flowerbeds around your outdoor living spaces.  The planning and installation of these elements is where the experience and knowledge of a landscaper comes into play.  Different heights and growth must be taken into account along with sunlight requirements and the colors of the bloom and shades of green.  When installation is done in this manner an effective and aesthetically appealing landscape is created.

One other element of softscapes that directly ties into hardscaping is the use of ground cover.  Certain ground covers like Asian jasmine and English ivy can be installed at the top of a retaining wall to help stop erosion of soils and retain water for the landscape.  Ground covers can also be used in areas of the yard where little to none sunlight is available.

So now that you have an understanding of the two most important features of landscaping, it’s time to blend together these elements of hardscapes and softscapes to create your dream yard. 

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