summer patio ready | Plano Texas

Summer is on the way, complete with warm weather and plenty of outdoor gatherings. Getting the patio ready for the season should top anyone’s to-do list.

Preparing a Patio

First things first. Before homeowners get to the fun part of decorating a patio for the summer, they must first prepare it after the long winter months. Cold climates subject patios to snow, ice, and freezing temperatures, but even patios located in warmer areas require some preparation ahead of increased use in the rising temperatures.

A deep clean is typically a must. However, different types of patios require different cleaning methods. Homeowners should hose off a patio made from concrete, pavers, or natural stone, then scrub the surface. Specialty cleaners are needed to clean wood or composite patios. Homeowners may also choose to use a power washer to get their patio ready for summer, but should take care when cleaning in this way as power washers may damage certain surfaces.

After a deep clean, it’s time to fix imperfections and protect a patio from summer’s inevitable wear and tear. Homeowners can clear weeds that appear in the cracks of stone or paver patios, adding new sand between stones or pavers as needed. Homeowners with a patio made from wood should sand down splintered areas, fix popped nails, and replace damaged boards before applying a stain or sealer to protect the surface.

Refreshing the Area

Once a patio is prepared for the coming season, homeowners can refresh and redecorate the area. Patios look great with new plant life and fresh mulch, not to mention a good washing of the windows and walls surrounding it.

Decor and furniture can also transform a patio. To figure out a decorating scheme, homeowners should consider creating a theme for the outdoor oasis. A simple color scheme works just as well to liven up a patio as it does when decorating an indoor space. Homeowners can also go with a rustic, beach, or other summer-ready theme.

Adding Inviting Touches

Nothing says summer quite like a comfortable, cozy atmosphere. A patio goes beyond a convenient spot to host a backyard gathering with the addition of welcoming touches.

From leafy ferns to colorful flowers, potted plants offer an easy way to elevate an outdoor space. If a patio is situated in a less accessible area, creating a path with gravel or stepping stones can also go a long way. The addition of stylish yet comfortable outdoor furniture quickly transforms a patio so it’s ready for outdoor hangouts all summer long. Outdoor furniture is more comfortable than ever, making it easy to bring coziness to a patio.

The right lighting is also essential to completing the picture. Lighting is key for patios that will host guests after sunset. Today’s homeowners have plenty of options, with choices ranging from simple string lights to built-in lightning and beyond.

On the flip side, patios used during warm summer days require shady spots for when the temperatures spike. Umbrellas can create shade in smaller areas, while gazebos or pergolas can shield the entire patio area.

The professionals at Clients First Landscape Solutions can transform any patio into a welcoming, summer-ready retreat. Contact us today to start a project.