It’s only a matter of a few weeks and Lowes and Home Depot will be running commercials on landscape products.  Spring Fever is creeping upon us and it will be here before you know it. Around the Holidays most folks forget about the yard and really don’t give it any thought until March.  Our phones have already begun ringing for landscape ideas and it’s only February.  In most of the calls, people just emphasize that they need a lot of help and some suggestions because the yard is looking bad.  If you are trying to get some great ideas and see some examples of landscape design and outdoor projects then visiting a home and garden show is a great idea.  At Clients First Landscape Solutions we have a portfolio that we bring out to estimates so that customers can see examples of different types of landscape installations but even contractors like ourselves attend the home and garden show.  A true landscape professional is always looking for new trends and visiting with other contractors and companies is the best way to discover new design ideas.

Brick layer around pool

One of Dallas/Fort Worths largest stone suppliers was at the home and garden show in Fort Worth this weekend.  They also carry a lot of landscape supplies.  This supplier is open to the public so it’s a great place for homeowners to visit.  As a landscape installer, we love visiting whiz q stone because of its extensive inventory.  They carry just about every style of stone and paver.  I was rather impressed with their display.  Their pavestone setup pictured above was huge.  Pavers are another great option to consider when building a fireplace or creating an outdoor living area.  I get a lot of requests for paver driveways.

landscape design dallas

This paver driveway was completed in Arlington, TX.  We actually went to whiz q stone to purchase the pavestone and then had to go directly to a Pavestone manufacturing location in Dallas, TX to purchase more.  This driveway was rather large.  We have also done a handful of paver repair jobs in Dallas.  Unfortunately, some people have had pavers installed and the proper methods were not used which led to the walkway or driveway failing after a few years.  Now let’s get back on track with the home and garden show.

This was another nice display that whiz q stone had set up in the entryway at the Fort Worth home and garden show.  I didn’t get a chance to see what nursery supplied all the plants but I know whiz q stone supplied the mulch and soil.  The display used a nice contrast of light greens and dark greens with the ferns and hollys.  In the back, you can see some Elaeagnus which has almost a silver-green leaf.  In the front, they had a nice staggered row of loropetalum which adds some purple and breaks up the green shrubbery.  This is an important concept that Clients First Landscape Solutions incorporates into every design.  Lots of different shades of green and breaking up the landscape with some color.  Homes built in the 90s simply had green shrubs and lots of indian hawthorne and rows of hollys or boxwoods.  Those days are long gone.  People want colorful landscapes that draw attention and give you that wow factor. 

Overall Mike and I were satisfied with the home and garden show.  Besides whiz q stone I did see a lot of our competitors there and they had some nice displays.  When we left the line was pouring out the front door and it was only 11 am.  I wish their would of been some pool companies or general contractors.  We have alot of experience designing landscapes that go well with pool designs and tying in the pool stonework with stonework for the flower beds.  There were also a few companies that strictly build pergolas and arbors.  A few of those competitors we have worked with together on projects but Clients First Landscape Solutions builds all their pergolas and arbors in the house now.  It was a beautiful day to visit the show and I recommend homeowners looking for some inspiration to visit the show or give us a call.  Clients First Landscape Solutions can come up with a landscape plan for your home.