Landscaping can instantly transform your yard into a beautiful masterpiece or a functional outdoor living space. However, there are quite a few myths circulating about landscaping that do more harm than good. These are some of the most common landscaping myths you will encounter, officially debunked.

Myth #1: Your Plants Need to Be Watered Daily

Many people believe it’s necessary to water plants daily. The myth is that, without this much water, plants will not receive the hydration they need and will die or fail to bloom. However, that’s not true. How much you water your plants often depends on your plant type. Usually, weekly watering will suffice.

Myth #2: You Should Only Prune During Spring

It’s common for professional landscape architects to prune during the spring when lawns are already looking their best, but this has led to the myth that you should only prune during spring. Instead, it would be best to prune when a plant appears overgrown. Pruning is necessary for healthy growth. Only doing this once annually when a plant needs it more frequently can hinder growth.

Myth #3: All Plants Need Gravel Bottoms

Another common myth is that you should always put gravel at the bottom of potted plants to improve drainage. However, the rock creates a barrier, preventing water from properly draining. When the water is stuck in the pot, roots can get too wet and rot. Instead, stick to soil.

Myth #4: All Landscaping Plants Need Full Sun

The Internet is full of advice that plants all need full sun. How much sun your plant needs depends on the plant. Some trees and flowers bloom best in the shade with limited sunlight while others require partial sun. Instead of assuming, contact the company you bought the plant from or consult professional landscape architects for advice.

Myth #5: Lawn Care Isn’t Important

Most people feel that lawn care doesn’t matter. They don’t see the point in hiring professional landscape architects if they’re going to sell their homes. However, lawn care offers a significant return on investment for sellers. According to Angi, a beautiful lawn can give you up to a 256% ROI. This makes it well worth the investment.

Myth #6: Landscaping Is Expensive

Most people shy away from professional landscaping because they think it’s too expensive. Designing an elaborate living space may be an investment, but you have plenty of options while working with a budget. Weekly maintenance is often highly affordable.

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