Dallas, Texas, homeowners enjoy entertaining outside, especially when the North Texas weather permits. While many homeowners have had outdoor kitchens for years, they can upgrade their outdoor kitchens for the 2023 season. Homeowners with Dallas outdoor kitchens can explore these outdoor kitchen design ideas to modernize their outside living and entertainment space.

Premium Grills

Dallas outdoor kitchen design

Gone are the days of simple grills with a rickety side table. Today, homeowners with outdoor kitchens in DFW gravitate toward premium gas or electric grills, as the grill is often the principal attraction of an outdoor kitchen.

Premium grills come with durable materials made from high-quality stainless steel, a large cooking area, and variable temperature control systems, including stainless steel flame tamers or ceramic briquettes. In addition, premium grills have smart controls that respond to voice commands for maintaining a specific temperature, backlit control knobs for easy access when it’s dark, and advanced hood systems for ease of opening and closing the hood.

Durable Storage Space

Storage space for any DFW outdoor kitchen is essential. Look for outdoor kitchen designers who make cabinets from stainless steel, marine-grade aluminum, or high-density resin that can stand up to sunlight and weather. Great outdoor kitchen storage spaces have multiple drawers, cabinets with shelving, and even built-in cutting boards for ease of use.

Attractive Countertops

Modern outdoor kitchen designs include attractive and innovative countertop designs. Countertops need to have a resilient surface that can stand up to kitchen prep and are easy to clean, complement the entire outdoor kitchen theme, and resist abrasions, scratches, and ultraviolet light.

Full-Service Prep Area

outdoor kitchen designer

Having a full-service and functional food prep area is paramount to a successful outdoor kitchen experience. Food warming drawers, a large prep and dishwashing sink, a countertop steam table, and built-in countertop side burners can make outside cooking and entertaining a breeze. DFW homeowners can also consider adding a pizza oven to their outdoor kitchen to bake mouthwatering pizzas everyone will appreciate.

Quality Refrigeration

Having top-notch refrigeration for an outdoor kitchen is essential for any time of the year. Having refrigeration and ice-making capabilities will save hosts several trips back and forth to the kitchen for drinks, ice, and food supplies. At the least, have an outdoor refrigerator that can hold essentials like fresh vegetables, dairy products, and meats, and consider another refrigerator that can keep beverages cold and make ice.

Elevated Outdoor Living Space

Guests and family members will appreciate having an attractive and comfortable area to relax in built around the outdoor kitchen. Items such as fire pits, innovative lighting systems, and comfortable, attractive furnishings will encourage guests to linger. Outdoor living areas should include shade, fans, portable heating, and well-lit walkways to restrooms and the house.

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