Backyard fire pits are a popular addition for many homeowners in North Texas. Fire pits are a great home accessory all year round, allowing homeowners to lounge around outside at night. Even when the temperatures begin to drop in the colder months, the fire pit provides warmth so that the fun doesn’t have to stop. Homeowners looking to add a fire pit to their North Texas backyard should take a few things into consideration before beginning the process. 

Build the Fire Pit Into Your Landscape

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When building a fire pit in a backyard, it’s a good idea for homeowners to consider their existing landscape. For example, a wide, flat area often makes a great location for a fire pit and a patio. Homeowners that already have a patio in their backyard may have an easy time simply adding a fire pit to the center of the space.

Homeowners without an obvious location for their fire pit may need to be creative. For example, homeowners with a sloped yard could level out the bottom, install a patio there, and add steps leading down the hill. Homeowners with a nice view may want to install the fire pit in a location that allows them to enjoy the view while also sitting around the fire pit. Rather than viewing the fire pit as a standalone item, homeowners should look to incorporate it into other backyard elements for the best experience.

To learn more, our team can provide some backyard fire pit landscaping ideas for homeowners in North Texas.

Decide Between a Wood or Gas Fuel Source

Fire pits offer two primary fuel choices. The first is wood, which can take the form of either logs and sticks or tiny wood pellets. Many homeowners prefer wood fire pits because they enjoy the smell and they may have an existing source of wood in their yards already.

The other option is a gas fire pit. With a gas fire pit, homeowners can simply flip a switch and immediately light the fire. This is a great option for homeowners that don’t want to worry about finding wood and who don’t want to work to get a fire started. Homeowners that decide to go with gas as a fuel source may need to run a gas line or purchase fuel tanks that fit underneath the fire pit.

Surround It With Comfortable Furniture

To get the most out of their fire pits, homeowners should surround them with comfortable furniture. Some options include relaxing chairs, hammocks, loveseats and couches. They can also add other cozy items like outdoor blankets and some side tables for snacks and drinks. It’s a good idea for homeowners to test out furniture items before purchasing to ensure they’ll feel comfortable as they’re lounging around the fire.

Add a Backyard Fire Pit in North Texas

Fire pits can not only make a backyard more enjoyable but they may even raise the value of a home. Homeowners interested in improving their outdoor living space in North Texas can get started today by giving us a call. We’d be happy to answer any questions and provide some backyard fire pit ideas to help build a beautiful outdoor space for your home.