April showers bring May flowers! But who’s going to plant them? At Client’s First Landscape Solutions, we know there is satisfaction in getting your own hands dirty which is why we shared how to prep your yard last month. By doing so you have quite literally laid the ground work for us to come in and give your landscape premiere treatment. From retaining walls to custom pool design, you can trust our us to do the best job. Here are 4 good reasons to hire us for landscape design in Dallas and beyond. 

Shelter In Place

This wont last forever, but it’s spring time in Texas and both Dallas and Plano are still under the ‘shelter in place’ laws which means groceries and essential errands only. There is no reason for you to mask up and run to the home and garden store when we’ve got everything you need. For now, stay safe and stay home. Let us come to you!

Save Time

Yes, time is money. It may seem like you have a lot of time now that most of us are working from home but the more time passes the more you realize, you actually have a lot on your plate. All of a sudden you are the cook, the breadwinner and the school teacher? Why stress about squeezing one more thing into your day? With a team as efficient as ours we’ll get the job done in no time at all. 

Save Money

Did we mention time is money? Ok, well aside from that, it’s very easy to rack up unnecessary costs when shopping and executing your landscaping projects. Not to mention the equipment and the ongoing maintenance they require. If you fear the price of a landscaping revamp, imagine the price to fix a job poorly done. Simply from lack of experience. Landscaping in Plano is a great investment and we’ll get it right the first time. 

Stay Safe

We don’t need to tell you that the emergency departments in most major cities are busy, to say the least. There is no reason for you to be rushed to the ER because you lost a fight with your weed eater. Sure the scars make for great battle wounds and a story to tell over beers but the point is; now is not the time! There is zero risk of injury when you hire a professional team to design and build the landscape you want. 

Still not convinced? 

Did you know your yard has its own eco-system? Because of the unique soil content, light conditions and climates, we recommend talking to experts before deciding what plants will survive and thrive. Additionally, hiring a landscaping company will help boost your curb appeal and we all know those neighbors who you wish would have paid someone to do the work for them! (Sorry, Joe.) Call Client’s First Landscape Solutions today and get one step closer to the yard of your dreams.