There are so many things to consider when designing a custom pool and landscape solution in your home; Clients First Landscape Solution will help you every step of the way. If you take a minute to close your eyes and just imagine a day in the pool of your dreams; what does it look like? Now, do you know what you’re next step is? It’s ok if you don’t. That’s our job. It’s important to have an experienced and specialized design and installation team at your disposal. Lucky for the residents of North Texas, from Dallas to Plano and beyond; summer lasts…well, a long time. So it’s still not too late to start working on your backyard oasis with Clients First Landscape Solutions. In the meantime, here’s a little design inspiration to help get you going.

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photo by: Pool Environments

Low Maintenance

Landscaping around the pool doesn’t have to be a water-suck. Texas’ summer climate allows for desert plants to survive the most extreme conditions without you being stuck at the watering hose twice a day. Think of limiting grass snd opting instead for gravels, sands and stones followed by a variety of plants that can handle such dry settings.

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photo by: Hawaii Life Real Estate Brokers


A simple way to soften the building materials of the pool (think, large boulders, sharp water features) is by curving the lines of the pool and adding perfectly creeping vines and plants to its landscape. Allow ground covers to romanticize the corners of a natural boulder border paired with lush flowering and tropical plants.

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photo by: Mark McWilliams

Clean and Contained

Keep things simple and luxurious with a modern pool design. Clean lines and lush lawns are complemented well with container garden features. This photo pairs rosemary with red coleus and bright green sweet potato vine. When creating an arrangement like the one in this photo be sure to plant a ‘thriller’ (high-impact plant that will have some height to it), a ‘filler’ (a medium height plant that will fill space), and a ‘spiller’ (a creeping plant that will spill over the side of the container). 

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Bed Head

For pools with a more traditional design, try a style of gardening called “bed-head”. It’s intentionally overgrown look in this photo is achieved by staggering ornamental grasses and daylillies framed with lush hydrangeas. The temperate Texas climate can be a bit harsh on hydrangeas if they aren’t planted in the perfect spot; which is why Client’s First Landscape Solutions has experts to recommend and design the ideal backyard situation for you.

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Green and Lean

While a pool can be very elaborate and eye-catching, keeping it simple like the one in this photo really draws the focus to the pristine lawn. A few small shrubs and some clean features like these bluestone pavers and you’ve got the whole look.

photo by: Doug Young


Get it?! A mixture of hedges like boxwoods, cottonwood or holly’s can add a privacy element to an already elegant pool design. Using evergreens in the landscape also allows you to enjoy the luxury vacation vibe no matter the season.