7 Lovely Landscaping Design Ideas That Will Make Your Front Yard Beautiful

7 Lovely Landscaping Design Ideas That Will Make Your Front Yard Beautiful

landscaping design ideasAs you start looking into selling your home, you will begin to realize that resale value is a big deal. Making renovations in and outside of the house can have a huge effect on the ultimate dollar value you can allocate to your property when it goes on the market. One way to get a good bang for your buck is by hiring landscapers to rejuvenate your yard. There’s a good reason that almost 90% of real estate agents give homeowners encouragement to invest in landscaping before they sell their home. So, what are some of the best landscaping design ideas that will fetch more money for your home on the market?

  1. Lighting Fixtures
    To showcase your home in the best light possible, invest in inexpensive solar powered yard lamps. You can take these with you when you leave, but they will look great in the listing ad.
  2. A Pond
    This is a bigger investment that you should consider a few years before moving, but a small pond bustling with life is a great meditative place that many buyers will covet.
  3. Proper Maintenance
    The key to having an attractive front yard is more about taking care of what is already there than it is about adding new things. Make everything look as well maintained as possible and you’ll be off to a good start.
  4. A Water Fountain
    As one of the most well-known landscape design ideas, water features are slightly expensive but often worthwhile.
  5. Bird Feeders
    Not only are bird feeders a great way to promote the local bird population, but they are an excellent way to draw in the nature-loving buyers.
  6. Slate Pathway
    Having a path that leads to your front door that isn’t made of boring concrete is another commonly used idea. It adds an overall togetherness to your front yard.
  7. Professional Pictures
    As many landscaping design ideas as there are, they only go as far as the picture that represents them. Hire a professional to take pictures so buyers can see your home in the best light.

Landscaping your front yard can yield a great return on investment if done correctly. Prioritize maintenance, then add features that your real estate agent believes will help. This could end up being both a financial win and a fun experience. If you need help, professional landscapers are a great source to turn to.

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