Working with an outdoor living contractor is an excellent option if you want to have fun in your backyard this summer. After all, according to Forbes, 80% of landscaping experts state that homeowners mostly use their outdoor areas to spend time with loved ones like friends and family members. As a result, you should consider these five unique upgrades to your yard this summer during your landscape project.

1. Entertainment Options

Have you heard of outdoor televisions and projectors and want to try them for your home? They’re an excellent option that can transform your property and make it a more unique and interesting place to hang out. Try having them installed in a protected area, such as a covered patio.

2. Better Seating Areas

Before calling an outdoor living contractor, make sure that you know what kind of seating area you want for your yard. A contractor can install a patio and other additions to your home. Then, they can help recommend great furniture that makes it a cozy place to sit.

3. Shade Trees

Did you know that adding trees to your yard can cool your home by providing beautiful shade? Even better, trees can attract birds to your yard, which makes them a great option for birdwatchers. Add retaining walls and other landscaping elements to make your trees stand out.

4. Outdoor Lighting and Heating

Sitting outdoors during summer nights can be fun if you add lighting and heating options. For example, you can put up a few simple lamps that brighten the yard and some heaters that keep your patio warm. Even a fire pit is a great way to add light and heat to your yard at night.

5. Bug Screens

Let’s be honest: bugs like mosquitoes and gnats keep most people indoors during the summer and rob them of the enjoyment of this season. Thankfully, a contractor can help by installing bug screens. Put these screens up in your seating areas to keep them bug-free.

By calling an outdoor living contractor before installing these items, you improve your yard’s comfort and make it a more enjoyable place to sit during the summer. Just as importantly, you can add value to your home and make it worth more money if you ever want to sell it! So please reach out to our team at Client First Landscape Solutions today to learn more about our complete landscape renovation services.