Creating beautiful luxury outdoor living spaces is a great way of improving your home, not just functionally but financially. From landscaping design to adding a pool, research shows that exterior design jobs have an amazing return on investment. For example, according to PR Newswire, about 74% of all Americans use patios for relaxation, while 58% use them to hang out with friends and family. A cohesive landscaping project can add to your quality of life, allowing for outdoor hosting, while increasing your home’s resale value tremendously. Let’s take a look at some of the reasons why hiring landscapers is a worthwhile investment.

1. Improve Your Hosting

Forget renting party spaces; you have the best spot in your backyard! When well-designed and functional, a home’s backyard can be a yearlong hosting space. During the summer, the kids can invite their friends for pool parties, especially if someone’s birthday falls in a summer month. You can also invite some of your own friends to enjoy some refreshingly cool drinks at the poolside. In the spring or fall, enjoy the garden backdrop as you and your guests sip coffee or tea. Even in the winter, with a covered patio, you can still enjoy the backyard with a hot cup of cocoa.

2. Create a Family Space

The best luxury outdoor living spaces include places where you can entertain your family and friends. When you work with professional landscapers, you can create yearlong entertainment value for the entire family. If you think the patio might be the focal point, for example, upgrade it with a television, an outdoor kitchen, or speakers! Ask your family for their input as well and with an expert, you’ll be able to get the most usage out of your backyard.

3. Enhance Home Value

Curb appeal is one of the most significant influencing factors on home value: it’s arguably even more important than interior design. Research shows that sellers who put thoughtful care into their home exteriors see a greater return on investment. Buyers often believe that if the exterior is immaculate, the interior must be as well.

4. Find Your Zen

We’ve talked a lot about financial investment, but a great backyard can also be a healing place. You can have your own pool, herb garden, grilling station, yoga studio, dog park, and so much more located just out your back door. The exterior of your home takes up a great deal of space, so make it work for you!

Are you interested in enhancing your outdoor living spaces? Contact Clients First Landscape Solutions today to get the help that you need with this process! Our team of professional landscapers has years of experience crafting the most luxurious, personalized home exteriors. We look forward to helping you create the ideal landscape for your family and home.