Summer days seem to stretch onward. The sun will beam down, and you might be thinking that having a home swimming pool might be the perfect treat for you to make a splash and feel refreshed. For whatever occasion you might find yourself wanting a pool, we will help find a pool design for you. Take a look at the following appealing swimming pool design trends in 2022.

If You’re Looking for Elegance, Tiled Pools Are for You

While many options exist for those looking for a pool with a diving board, others may want a pool to provide ambiance for hosting social gatherings in their backyards. A tiled pool with shallow waters and wide steps is perfect for homeowners who want distinctive outdoor entertaining spaces.

swimming pool design trends

Bring the Beach to Your Backyard

For many, installing a pool could be like bringing the ocean to your backyard. Consider a saltwater pool for your backyard. While chlorine has been a popular way to keep a pool fresh and sanitary, a saltwater pool can naturally achieve the same results. Additionally, the minerals in the salt compounds can freshen and heal your skin simultaneously.

Water Features Are as Exciting as Ever

One of the features that will delight any pool experience is the extra elements you add to the pool and the areas around it. These elements could be anything from LED lights or water features that splash the air with a touch of magic. If you want to spark joy for yourself and any company you might have poolside, then adding a little pizazz with water elements might do the trick.

Save Space With a Miniature Cocktail Pool

Having a large pool may be a lavish touch for large-sized properties. Others may find it more enjoyable and practical to have a smaller pool, known as a cocktail pool, to accent their home’s landscape. You can enhance a cocktail pool with jets, heaters, and bubbles to help you relax after a long day. Better yet, cocktail pools make great attractions for smaller gatherings and beautify your home in the process.

Mixing Water With Fire

You’re likely to have noticed something mystical and powerful about mixing water and fire together. This exhilarating feeling can be yours when you add fire bowls or a fire pit to your poolside accommodations. Before installing these elements to your poolside retreat, keep in mind your home’s landscaping and any extra features necessary when designing your pool area. These little extras can go a long way toward making your pool experience perfect, personal, and inviting for your guests.

As you consider the above swimming pool design trends, you’ll want to think about how these elements will work for you if you intend to install a swimming pool on your property. Contact the professionals of Clients First Landscape Solutions for information and design assistance. We’ve helped homeowners throughout the Dallas-Fort Worth region create landscape solutions to match their needs and budgets.