Winter in the Dallas-Fort Worth, Texas, area can get quite cold, and plants need extra protection. Winter landscaping requires different techniques than during other DFW seasons. While a homeowner can follow these winter landscaping tips, hiring a DFW landscaping company will help ensure plants, lawns, and irrigation systems are properly cared for. Here are 10 essential DFW landscaping tips to help winterize North Texas plants, shrubs, and lawns.

Protect Existing Plants

Plants that are susceptible to freezing temperatures need protection. Homeowners or DFW landscapers can put burlap cloth or plastic over the plants to help protect the delicate greenery from getting damaged due to ice.

Put Mulch Around the Roots

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Natural mulch can help protect the roots from freezing. Speak to your local DFW landscaping company for mulch ideas and other landscaping tips.

Plant Cool-Season Plants

Planting cool-season perennial flowering plants like violas, pansies, or ornamental grasses that can withstand lower temperatures can help the home or business look landscaped throughout the year, including during the winter.

Prune Shrubs and Trees

A DFW landscape company that specializes in residential design can prune your shrubs and trees to prepare them for the winter months.

Prep the Lawn

While lawns don’t grow as much when the weather is cold, they still need care. The lawn will need regular fertilizing and re-seeding with minimal watering. A commercial DFW landscaping company can help with winter lawn care for businesses that have lawns as part of their landscaping features.

Wrap Palm Tree Trunks

Wrapping the trunk of palm trees is similar to protecting sensitive plants. Landscape professionals can wrap the trunk with burlap or other protective material to help prevent damage to palm trees.

Clean Summer Flowerbeds

Raking and pulling out annual flowers and putting mulch on the flowerbeds can help prevent unwanted weeds from sprouting and growing, making spring planting much easier. 

Protect the Irrigation System From Freezing

When the temperatures in North Texas plummet, exposed pipes and the irrigation system can freeze and burst. Avoid damage to your pipes and irrigation by wrapping the pipes with the appropriate material. Consult with a local Dallas-Fort Worth landscaping company for advice on the best ways to protect irrigation systems from freezing.

Adjust the Irrigation Schedule

Many North Texas plants and grasses go dormant in the winter, yet still need water, especially on warmer winter days. The grasses in lawns grow deeper roots when the weather gets cold, so the lawn will need deeper watering in the winter. Have your landscape professional adjust the watering schedule to coincide with winter temperatures.

Water in the Morning and on Warm Days

Plants will need extra water on warmer winter days, so water extra on those days. In addition, water plants and lawns in the late morning as the temperatures drop during the night, and the soil may freeze.

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