When it comes to lawn and landscaping, you might think of winter as a season to take some time off. But winter landscaping services are essential to maintaining your yard. Here are 10 critical Dallas landscaping services to ensure your lawn is ready to thrive come spring.

1. Check Paint Jobs

The first winter landscaping task you can check off your to-do list is touching up painted areas. Check for chipped paint or cracked wood around your landscape, and re-paint or touch up these spots as necessary. Paint on structures like garden fences, shutters, or even decks can suffer during the harsh winter.

2. Mulch

Adding mulch to your landscape helps the soil retain moisture. This moisture retention is more critical in the summer but starting early will only help your lawn and garden. If the ground is soft enough, mulch will help infuse your soil with much-needed nutrients. Similarly, mulching prevents weeds, saving time and energy in the warmer months.

3. Prune and Remove Dead Branches

Pruning is vital to your winter landscaping efforts. By pruning your shrubs, bushes, and trees, you can give them the best chance to thrive in the spring and summer. When pruning, inspect your trees and bushes for broken or dead branches and clear any you see.

4. Don’t Prune Everything

While you’re pruning, it’s important to note you shouldn’t prune everything during the winter. Don’t prune spring-flowering shrubs like lilacs, magnolias, azaleas, and others. If you prematurely prune, you will remove flower buds, ensuring fewer blooms in the spring. So,¬†wait to prune these plants¬†within a couple of weeks after they bloom.

5. Turn Soil and Fertilize/Compost

Once the ground is soft enough, winter is also the perfect time to turn your soil and add fertilizer or compost. Like mulch, fertilizer and compost add necessary nutrients to your soil and help assure your plants have the best environment to grow.

6. Install or Fix Hardscapes

Late winter is also the ideal time to install or fix your hardscapes. Significant temperature changes and salt accumulation can cause severe damage to features like paths, patios, and water features.

7. Check and Clean Boxes or Pots

The winter is also the perfect time to assess window boxes or pots to see if they need repair. Check for any cracks or rust to brackets. Repair or replace your boxes and pots now, as required.

8. Prep Seating Areas

Late winter is an excellent time to prep these areas and clean off your outdoor furniture if you have an outdoor seating area. Whether you’ve stored this furniture or left it outside, it could likely use a thorough cleaning.

9. Plan Ahead

Those who know they want a landscaping project done come spring should begin to plan these projects in the winter. The sooner you complete your plan and order any necessary plants or equipment, the better prepared you’ll be in the spring.

10. Contact a Landscaping Professional

If you don’t want to or are too busy to do these tasks yourself, get in touch with a local Rockwall landscaping professional. Whether you want landscaping design and installation or maintenance services, Clients First Landscape Solutions can help. Contact us online or call (469) 807-3884.